Campus Building Access Procedures

This procedure is taken from the college management manual, college wide rules and regulations.  This procedure will be followed for access to campus buildings:

Accessibility During Closed Hours

a. There will be no access to GTCC’s buildings or facilities between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. (Exceptions: Campus Police Officers, Housekeeping, Maintenance Staff in performance of their duties, and approved users of the Cline Observatory, and others as approved by the Associate Vice President for Facility Operations and Safety.)

b. Access during other closed hours will be governed by the following:

1)    Satellite campus locations: prior arrangements must be made and approved by the responsible administrator for these locations.

2)   Jamestown Campus:    prior arrangements must be made with and approved by the division chair or director in charge of the building or facility.   (A list of responsible administrators will be maintained by the Associate Vice President for Facility Operations and Safety.)  The Campus Police Office or duty officer must be notified upon arrival on campus by calling campus police at extension 52529.

c. A GTCC faculty member must accompany students desiring access to any academic facility.  (NOTE: Two persons must be present at all times when using a facility such as shop or laboratory where the potential for injury exists.)

d. Responsible groups desiring access to any GTCC facility shall be governed by the procedure set forth in Section I -1.1.1 Use of Facilities and Grounds of the Management Manual.  Campus Activity forms for use of facilities will be obtained from the office of the Associate Vice President for Facility Operations and Safety.