Evacuation Assembly Areas & Emergency Phone

Evacuation AreasThe College has installed signs designating the areas we are to assemble during an emergency evacuation of a building(s).

These are the areas you will go to during a fire or other emergency that requires you to leave the building.  All alarms should be treated as actual emergencies.  You would NOT leave your building during a weather emergency.

The signs are 14″ X 20″, red and white, that are attached to light poles in the parking lots around the campuses.  There is a map of all the campuses showing the location of the assembly areas (marked in blue).   The signs are placed to ensure that you are a safe distance from the building and out of the way of emergency vehicles.

Please take time to learn where the signs are near your building so that in the event of an emergency you know where to go.  If you work in different buildings, please look for the signs for each building.  There are emergency evacuation maps on every floor of every building that show the routes to use when evacuation.  You should find the nearest assembly area from your exit.  Keep in mind that during an emergency, your primary route may not be available, so be aware of the alternate route and assembly area as well.