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Construction and Planning

As a result of the 2000 state and county bonds on Higher Education and the recent 2004 GTCC bonds, Guilford Tech is experiencing significant growth on our campuses.

In January 2004, the Entertainment Technology building opened on the High Point Campus. The 66,000 square foot building houses the Larry Gatlin School of Entertainment Technology as well as several other programs.

During 2005, our two Greensboro Campus locations will be merged into one at 3505 E. Wendover Ave. The new campus replaces the J.C. Price Campus on Whittington St. and the Washington Street Campus.

The new Greensboro Campus will have three buildings initially: the Adult Education Center, the Technical Education Center, and the Continuing Education Center. Basic Skills students will begin using the Adult Education Center in January 2005. Other programs will move into the other two buildings as they are completed.

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Construction Coordinator

The Construction Coordinator acts as GTCC’s point person on construction projects. The coordinator develops and reviews all construction project plans and specifications. Responsibilities include observation and inspection of construction activities, preparation of reports and correspondence with architects, designers, and contractors, and acting as a liaison between the college and the contractors.

Some of the Construction Coordinator’s duties include:

  • Acting as liaison between the College and Architect, Designers, Contractors and Vendors for all construction projects
  • Creating construction timetable for in-house construction projects.
  • Interacting with faculty and staff to develop design criteria for construction projects.
  • Acting as construction planner/designer for space utilization
  • Coordinating construction activities for assigned in-house construction projects.
  • Interpreting rules and regulations of all regulatory agencies and governing bodies
  • Working with the State Construction Office.

In addition, the construction coordinator also: monitors project timetables and quality of work; identifies potential problems; offers possible solutions to construction issues; prepares project cost estimates when requested.

Safety and Environmental Requirements for Contractors

Physical Plant - Electrical Services

The Electrical Services Team is responsible for maintaining the lighting and power requirements for GTCC. Safety is the main concern and outside lighting is a priority issue. Lighting audits are conducted twice a year: once by Electrical Services and again by a team composed of personnel from Campus Police, Housekeeping, Facilities and anyone else desiring to broaden their knowledge of campus. If anyone is interested in tagging along, let us know.

Common tasks performed by our professional staff include:

• Inspecting, testing, and repairing (Battery change, Lamps) Emergency Lights & exit signs
• Changing burned out lights
• Replacing ballasts, switches and receptacles
• Replacing broken or missing light covers
• Resetting electrical circuits after investigation cause of trip
• Installing new circuits as needed

General Maintenance Services

The General Maintenance Services division of the Building Maintenance department consists of a team of multi-talented professionals dedicated to maintaining and improving the buildings of GTCC. Their primary goal is to provide a quick response to service requests received from students, faculty and staff.

A partial listing of representative tasks are:

• Repair leaking faucets and sinks
• Repair/unstop toilets, urinals and sinks
• Repair water coolers
• Replace stained or missing ceiling tile
• Replace floor tiles
• Hang bulletin boards, pictures and plaques
• Repair roof leaks (Also done by contractors)
• Repair/replace domestic water heaters
• Carpentry
• Replace/repair door hardware and locks

In addition, the General Maintenance Division is pro-active in maintaining College facilities. The technicians do building audits on a continuous basis to identify repair and maintenance issues before they become a major problem.

HVAC Services

The HVAC Team of the Building Physical Plant provides air conditioning and heating maintenance, construction, and renovation services for GTCC buildings. Building comfort and air quality is the main focus for the technicians in this division. Each technician is assigned a block of buildings as a primary responsibility. Additionally each technician maintains a working knowledge of other buildings for coverage as required.

Building Automation (BAS) are used to control environmental conditions in a number of our buildings. These are computer driven programs used to monitor and control conditions in the classrooms, labs and assembly areas. Special programming is also done for activities occurring outside the normal work schedule. These systems also provide savings in our utility assessments by allowing operation of equipment only during times of occupancy.

Examples of tasks performed by the technicians are:

• Repair leaks (boiler water, chiller water, refrigerant system)
• Respond to HVAC conditioning problems causing environments beyond designated control ranges
• Routine maintenance
• Preventive maintenance
• HVAC support equipment maintenance
• HVAC systems function trouble shooting
• Light HVAC renovation

In addition, the General Maintenance Division is pro-active in maintaining College facilities. The technicians do building audits on a continuous basis to identify repair and maintenance issues before they become a major problem.

Landscaping & Environmental Services

The Landscaping & Environmental Division of Facilities is responsible for the overall appearance of all GTCC Campuses. Every effort is made to present and maintain a professional, safe and esthetically pleasant visual appearance of all our campuses to the students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Some of the functions that are performed to attain our goal include:

• Aquatic and Pond Maintenance
• Turf Maintenance
• Tree and Shrub Maintenance
• Irrigation System Maintenance
• Litter Control (Parking Lots and Grounds)
• Responsible for Pest Control
• Leaf Removal
• Snow and Ice Removal
• Storm Clean Up
• Mulching around Trees and Shrubs
• Fertilizing
• Weeding
• Responsible for Waste Disposal
• Responsible for Recycling Initiative

In addition the Landscaping & Environmental Division also provides annual beautification by planting seasonal flowers and shrubs in the many flowerbeds located throughout the grounds at all campuses.

Special Project Services

The Special Projects Manager manages project planning for capital and related projects on the GTCC campuses, including scope of work, justification, estimating by trade or skill, and implementation. The Special Projects Manager also manages all resources in carrying out assignments from data collection through completion in order to meet the business, academic and technical needs of the college.

The Specific Duties of the Special Projects Manager:

• Monitors projects for scope development, timing and expenditures.
• Identifies appropriate vendors who satisfy project requirements.
• Contributes creative solutions to project problems.
• Provides estimating accuracy and project cost control within department guidelines.
• Plans timing of projects in order to meet the needs of the college


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