Preparing For The SACSCOC Site Visit

DATES: September 30 – October 2, 2014

  1. Keep your schedule as flexible as possible in case you are called to be interviewed by the site visitors related to your area of college responsibility.
  2. If questioned or interviewed by a site visitor, answer honestly.  Focus on the positive attributes of the college and the strategies that are in place for areas needing improvement.
  3. Keep your area of the college clean, neat, and organized; we want to project  an environment that is conducive to student learning.
  4. If you teach classes, educate students about the impending reaffirmation site visit.
  5. Have a basic understanding of our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) branded SPARK.
  6. Know the basic concepts in our Mission statement:
    “Guilford Technical Community College provides access to lifelong learning opportunities for personal growth, workforce productivity, and community service. It serves all segments of Guilford County’s diverse population, delivering quality educational programs and services through partnerships with business, community groups, and other educational institutions.”
  7. Go the the SACSCOC website for more information:
  8. Review the “SACS Facts” handout for general information r/t reaffirmation.
  9. Review the SPARK Flyer for information on our QEP.
  10. Review the Compliance Report on the College website: Reaffirmation
    (Compliance Assist link – GTCC login – Accreditation – Reaffirmation – Compliance Report)
    Review SACSCOC principles  (Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements) that are pertinent to your area of responsibility.


  • Maintenance staff – principles related to “Physical Resources”
  • Finance staff – principles related to “Financial Resources”
  • Faculty – principles related to “Educational Programs” & “Faculty”

As we approach our reaffirmation site visit, please remember that GTCC has a long history of providing quality education to meet the needs of our county and beyond.  We should be proud of what we have accomplished together and welcome the opportunity for continuous improvement as we move into the future.