Umbrella Schedule (working backwards from Reaffirmation):
2015 Reaffirmation
Fall 2014 Site Visit
Aug-14 QEP Due
Aug-14 Focused Report Response Due
May-14 Off-Site Review
Mar-14 Compliance Report Due
Fall 2013 SACS VP Visit to Campus
Jan-13 SACS-COC Mtg Atlanta for Steering Committee
Aug-12 Launch Compliance Report Initiatives
Jan-12 Launch QEP Initiatives
Detailed Timeline (working forward toward Reaffirmation):
Apr-13 Chairs and members chosen
May-13 Launch subcommittee meetings to review/address assigned core requirements, comprehensive standards, and federal requirements
Jul-13 Chairs enter first draft of the summaries/supporting documentation into Compliance Assist for editing
Sep-13 Subcommittees reconvene to review the edited draft and make further revisions
Oct-13 Chairs enter changes into Compliance Assist for second draft editing
Nov-13 Consultative visit by Dr. Taylor from SACS
Dec 2013-Jan 2014 Subcommittees reconvene to review and finalize summaries/supporting documentation for the compliance report
Feb-14 Editing is completed
Mar-14 Compliance report is submitted to SACS
April-July 2014 Subcommittees meet as needed to prepare additional supporting documentation for the site visit
Aug-14 Submission of QEP and Focused Report
Aug-Sept 2014 Prepare for the site visit
Sept 30-Oct 2, 2014 Site Visit

Last update 09/16/2014