Teaching Opportunities

Listed below are academic areas at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) that have indicated an interest in accepting teaching associates.
If your area is not listed, inquire by contacting Amanda Fields, Program Coordinator.

GTCC Directory

Academic Area Department Chair
Advertising and Graphic Design Margaret Reid
Anthropology Steve Turner
Biology George Whitesides
Business Richard Depolt
Developmental English TBD
Developmental Math Donna Lemons
Developmental Reading TBD

(Including Religion and Philosophy)

Dr. Jo Ann Buck
Geology Hamid Naser-Shirzadi
History/ Political Science Jeff Kinard
Information Systems Kevin Lee
Mathematics John Dejohn
Psychology Steve Turner
Sociology Steve Turner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in this program if I have a full-time day job?

Teaching Associates can expect to spend 25-30 hours each week in activities associated with GTCC’s Faculty-in-Training Program. Because of the intensity of the immersion into the community college environment, it will be necessary to be available during the day for at least some time most days of the week.

Typically Teaching Associates teach two courses at one of our campuses during the day on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday or Tuesday & Thursday and are required to participate in the TA seminar, which is generally scheduled on Thursday mornings. Lesson planning, paper grading, and other tasks generally take time in the evenings, so having a full-time job while working as a Teaching Associate, generally speaking, is not feasible.

How do I find out if a teaching associate position is available in my area?

Since the program continues to evolve, it is difficult to determine automatically if your background is appropriate. First, consult the interest areas link to explore which GTCC departments have expressed interest in mentoring a teaching associate. Explore details.

If you do not see an interest area that matches your credentials, a possibility might still be found. Don’t hesitate to send an introductory e-mail to Amanda Fields (afrivers@gtcc.edu).

In what areas have Teaching Associates been employed?

Typically the traditional academic areas are most likely to participate in the program. For example, Anthropology, Biology, English, Developmental Education (English, Reading, & Mathematics), Geology, History & Political Science, Information Systems, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, & Communication, are already participating, and the list is growing.

What qualifications must I have in order to participate in the Faculty-in-Training Program?

To participate you must have met the educational requirements for the adjunct teaching position.

What’s in it for me?

GTCC’s Faculty-in-Training program gives you college-level teaching experience that is guided by an experienced mentor in your subject area.

Teaching associates are paid a competitive wage while they teach classes, attend a seminar that relates practical and theoretical aspects of teaching, and learn firsthand about all aspects of the community college environment. Graduates of the program have a credential that makes them highly competitive in the community college job market.

Contact Us

Coordinator, Faculty-In-Training
Amanda Fields
Email: afrivers@gtcc.edu
Ext: 50459